One festival,
two formats

A monthly competition and an annual event.

The SMR13 offers producers and distributors the opportunity to showcase their films each month in a number of categories. The monthly winners are automatically in the running for the annual selection.

IMDb Certification

An opportunity to receive an internationally recognized and certified award on IMDb, the worldwide database on cinema.

Un jury de Professionnels

Each year, two juries of film professionals, including winners from previous years, award the best films at the annual event.

Une sacrée expérience

(…) des films originaux et de qualité, de belles rencontres … Un festival comme je les aime !
Nicolas Paban

A wonderful festival

…run by truly passionate film fans. I was very happy to be a part of it with my film The Song of Sway Lake, and I hope to go next year as well.
Ari Gold

An amazing team and such a good spirit!

A great festival. The screening room is great, and the people are warm and supportive. Beautiful experience !
Coline Pagoda