Jean-François Decaux TV France3

France 3 Region at the SMR13 Festival

The regional newspaper France 3 made a noticed passage during the 7th edition of the International Independent Film Festival SMR13.

The team of journalists was welcomed by the festival organizers and viewers were able to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of the growing event. During the interview, Jean-François Decaux, member of the French Association of Independent Cinema (AFCI), and the speakers, were able to emphasize the importance of supporting independent films and allowing filmmakers to present their work to a wide audience, which is one of the objectives of the festival and the AFCI.
They also mentioned the difficulties encountered the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but emphasized that the festival team had been able to adapt and propose a rich and diversified program the following year despite everything.

France 3 was also able to meet several directors, actors and film technicians present at the festival, who testified to their enthusiasm for participating in this unique event. It is for them an unprecedented showcase.

In conclusion, the visit of France 3 allowed to highlight the festival, the importance of supporting independent films and to value the work of these passionate filmmakers. The SMR13 festival remains a must for all lovers of independent cinema.