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Registrations for the 4th festival are now open!
Registration Fees
short film (<60') - feature film (>60')
Registration before june 30, 2019
Short film  =  20.00€
Feature film  =  35.00€
Registration after june 30, 2019
Short Film  =  25.00€
Feature  =  45.00€
1.00 EUR = 1.20 USD
In order to simplify the films registration, please use one of the partner platforms below. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem. We deeply recommend to submit your works as soon as possible in order to ease the viewing.
In submitting your film on partner platforms :

► You fully accept the present regulations.

► You give your agreement to present his film for the festival as a commitment. No possible retraction.

► You understand that in case of cancellation or if the film is not selected, the registration fees will not be paid back.

► If the film is selected, you commit yourself to send in time all elements required to allow your work projection during the festival.

► You declare to be the owner or buyer of all rights related to the work submitted. 

► You agree to leave all royalties for exploitation rights to the benefit of AFCI (French Association for Independent Cinema) during the festival in La Manare theater in Saint Mitre Les Remparts- 13920 , France.

Before submitting your film, read carefully the regulations and make sure that your work is in compliance with the requirements.
Festival Organisation
Article 1
The fourth SMR13 International Independent Film Festival takes place from 21 to 24 November 2019, in La Manare theater, in Saint-Mitre les Remparts, 13290, France.
Article 2
The festival aim is to promote the independent movies, with limited budget but with wide imagination. In this contest the selected films will be shown to the audience in their total length on a cinema screen in optimal conditions. They will be in competition to win one of the trophy awards representing Saint Mitre Les Remparts’ mill.
The festival offers as well the opportunity to put the official selection film directors in contact with international distributor partners.
Article 3
The festival establishes an official selection and an outsiders’ competition selection so called « Hope ». All registered films are competing for the official selection and for the « Hope selection ».
Compétition Officielle
Article 4
The registered films will be pre-selected by the selection festival committee. This latter is appointed by the AFCI – French Association for the Independent Cinema – which organizes the event.
Each member from the committee is able to watch the registered films. He can grade them. Each film must be seen by at least 2/3 of the committee members. A film can’t be selected without getting an average grade of minimum 10. The committee members will meet after the registration closure in order to establish the official selection. The committee decisions are irrevocable.
Article 5
The Festival committee will also establish an outsiders competition selection so called « Hope » : around 20 short, medium-length and long films not chosen for the official selection but with outstanding qualities. The committee will then choose the two best « Hope ». They will have the opportunity to be shown during the festival and will receive the AFCI award.
Article 6
The jury is composed by 12 members: some are from cinema universe, others are independent, actors, film makers, composers or technicians… Each year the jury is different, members are mostly composed by French people but from people from all over the world as well.
Usually, one or more members were part of the previous Festival selection.
Article 7
All films are considered on the same basis, whatever their origin or their teams’ origins. No censorship of any kind will be applied insofar films are in agreement with the French Law: All film with racist, xenophobic, homophobic, pornographic features or violating the French Law will be removed from the selection.
Registration procedure
Article 8
The festival doesn’t make restriction about themes. All genres can be represented. There is no age limit for the film team members or professional situation. All countries can register.
Article 9
The film must have been produced after 1 January 2016.
Article 10
Foreign films must be subtitled in French. The French films must be subtitled in English. This is a sine qua non condition.
Article 11
The films registration is only possible online on festival partner platforms: FilmFreeway (, Festhome ( and ClickForFestivals (
Article 12
The registration is effective only after reception of the related fees payment (secured payment online via Paypal):
- Amount for a short film: € 20.00 (twenty euro)
- Amount for a long film: € 35.00 (thirty-five euro)
After June 2019, the fees will raise (+5 euro):
- Amount for a short film: € 25.00 (twenty-five euro)
- Amount for a long film: € 40.00 (forty euro)

Short films must be strictly under 60 minutes’ length.
Long films are 60 and over 60 minutes’ length.
Article 13
Once paid, in case the film is withdrawn or if the film is not selected for the festival the registration fees won’t be paid back.
Article 14
The deadline for registrations is: 30 September 2019.
Article 15
The festival team will deliver the information about the official selection between 30 September and 20 October via the email address given at the registration on the partner platform chosen.

The applicant when selected will have to supply us with the following elements before 31 October deadline:

- A film registration form, sent by email when the official selection will be confirmed
- A film loading access, ProRes 4.2.2 or encoding mp4/mov, h264 standard, to be sent to
- A film director’s photo and the film poster (high resolution)
- All type of illustration, trailer, press book, original sound track related to the film (optional)

Providing these elements in time is compulsory in order to allow them to be taken in consideration for the official selection.
Article 16
When the applicant registers his film on the partner platforms, he gives his agreement to present his film for the festival as a commitment. This implies he understood and accepted the present regulations.
Copyright and Exploitation
Article 17
The film has to be an original participant’s work. When he registers, the paticipant recognizes he is in possession or he obtained from any third party all rights necessary to exploit this work. The participant involves his own and sole responsibility against French and International Law violation on intellectual property and copyright.
Article 18
The participant agrees he won’t get any rights due to the film exploitation in La Manare theater, Saint-Mitre les Remparts, 13920, France but rights will be transfered to the AFCI (French Association for independent Cinema) benefit during the SMR13 International Independent Film Festival from 21 to 24 November 2019.
Festival Award List
Article 19
Nominated and laureates will be declared by the jury during the festival ceremony of awards: 24 November 2019. The jury members’ decision is irrevocable.
Results will be communicated the following day, 25 November 2019 by email. They will be available on social networks and on the festival website during the festival week from 21 to 24 November 2019.
Article 20
The jury will give 5 trophy awards for each category: short and long films:
- Best Film
- Best Film Direction
- Best Music
- Best Actress
- Best Actor
Article 21
Spectators who were present during the festival will attribute The Audience Award to one film.
Article 22
The best Documentary Trophy Award will be attributed to one documentary.
Article 23
The jury reserves the right to attribute a Special Jury Trophy Award, a Best Screenplay Award and a Best Picture Award.