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Official Selection 2018
Official Selection 2018
ADN DE GRANDS FAUVES, directed by Delphine Montaigne
ALL'S FAIR, directed by Mathieu Hussenot
ANDRÉE, directed by Vanessa Aiffe
ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL, directed by Mohamed Bakhshi
DEADESTINY, directed by Quentin Porte
DUNK, directed by Sophie Martin
ENTRE DEUX EAUX, directed by Patrice Cordonnier
EXPÉRIENCE, directed by Kevin Bodin
FROM ONE SHORE TO ANOTHER, directed by Gérard Corporon
HONEYMOON IN THE WEST, directed by Laurent Ardoint & Stéphane Duprat
ICI ET MAINTENANT, directed by Aurélien Mathieu
JENNA, directed by Christian Monnier
KAPITALISTIS, directed by Pablo Munoz Gomez
LE BUREAU DES COUILLES PERDUES, directed by Camille Nahum
LE TEMPS D'UN REGARD, directed by Victoria Roblin
MENU, directed by Carlos Bigorra Badia
MY FIRST DAY, directed by Yassin Bouhaïk
PAPA, directed by Christophe Switzer
ROUND-TRIP, directed by Victor Cesca
SEMPITERNAL, directed by Marco Gomez Lerin
SEPSIS, directed by Loren Claessens & Pierre-Michel Chevigné
SLICK, directed by Jérémy Brondoni
STANDING ROCK, directed by Denny Rauen
SUPER NERVOUS, directed by Thierry Vergnes
THE CHICKEN'S REVENGE, directed by Nicolas Guéniot
THE COACH, directed by Gaël Gomez
THE DARK ROOM, directed by Morgane Segart
THE OLD-MEN, directed by Jordan Inconstant
UN MONDE DE CONFIANCE ET DE LIBERTÉ, directed by Virginie Lavalou
UN SANGLOT DANS LA GORGE, directed by Caroline de Otero
CAID, directed by Ange Basterga & Nicolas Lopez
HEXING, directed by Christophe Lenoir
SMELL THE FUNK, directed by Gabriel Targues
SON OF SOFIA, directed by Elina Psykou
THE RITE OF SUMMER, directed by Briac Ragot
THE SONG OF SWAY LAKE, directed by Ari Gold