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With its convivial spirit but still open to others, SMR13 International Independent Film Festival is different: its network is always developing, its members are really passionate and partners are trusty. It is a unique showcase for Independent Cinema in France. It appeals professionals from the cinema environment worldwide.

Since two years, the festival has been supported by a special “Honorary member”, symbol of Independent cinema. In 2018, John Carpenter (Halloween, New York 97, Christine…) - American film director, scriptwriter and composer - was our “honorary member”. We were very pleased to offer him an award for his all very significant career - especially for the independent cinema in the ‘80s.

In this picture, John carpenter is holding his SMR13 Festival award.

In 2019, Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now…) will receive an award for his incredible career as a film director but also as a scriptwriter.

He is our honorary member for the SMR13 4th International Independent film festival event.