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With its convivial spirit but still open to others, SMR13 International Independent Film Festival is different: its network is always developing, its members are really passionate and partners are trusty. It is a unique showcase for Independent Cinema in France. It appeals professionals from the cinema environment worldwide.

Since it started, the festival has been supported by a godfather/mother, an emblematic figure of independent cinema. We are happy to be able to count them among us and award to recognize their entire film career.

Were with us:

  • JOHN CARPENTER (2018), director, scriptwriter and composer (Halloween, The Thing, New York 1997...)
  • ANDREA FERREOL (2019), actress (La Grande Bouffe, Le Dernier Métro, La Scoumoune...)
  • FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA (2019), director, scriptwriter (Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Dracula...)
  • VIRGINIE LEMOINE (2020), actress (Famille d'Accueil, Nos années parallèles, Oscar...)
  • SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM (2021), director and producer (Friday The 13th, Spring Break, DeepStar Six...)
  • ?! (2022)