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For its 4th event, the SMR13 International Independent Film Festival dedicated a full day to Master classes - Thursday 21 November - before the official opening. We are talking about teaching sessions animated by cinema professionals who will share their knowledge and experience about film-making.

During the day the two “Espoirs “ laureate films were screened. The access is free (subject to availability).

The day took place in two stages:

The Music Lesson (10:30am - 12am) : Directed by composer Valentin Simonelli, this music lesson will take us from the beginnings of film music to the present day, by unveiling the backstage of musical writing for film.

Acting with Cameras (13:00am - 3:30pm) : Vincent Andres and Florent Hugon, comedians, will supervise school children in a comedy and staging workshop, all under the watchful eye of Christophe Lenoir, director, who will film the whole of the performance to project it live and make incrustations special effects.