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Since its 4th edition, the International Independent Film Festival has devoted an entire day to workshops around cinema, the day before the official opening. These are educational meetings during which film professionals will share their knowledge and experiences of the 7th art.

Day of November 18, 2021:

► LA LECON DE MUSIQUE (10 AM) directed by Valentin Simonelli, composer, offers us a focus on writing music in cinema. Between the history of film music, famous composers, timeless themes and various orchestrations, cinema music reveals its mysteries to us.

► SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM (10 AM) talks to us behind the scenes of his career: relationship to directing, filming anecdotes, cinema in the 80s ... Do not miss this unprecedented event.

► ACTING FACE CAMERA (13 AM) is a comedy and staging workshop directed by Vincent Andres and Florent Hugon, actors. The public is called upon to bring out all their talents as an interpreter through scenic exercises and viewing performances.

Access to the Masterclasses and Workshops is free, accessible to all depending on availability. Please go to program for more information.

Masterclass Music 2021 Poster Masterclass Acting 2021 Poster