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"The official selection of the festival distributed internationally?" And yes ! An opportunity not to be missed ...


Participate in the next edition of the festival by sending your film. All information on the registration page.


Each year, the festival is supported by a godfather, emblematic figure of independent cinema ...


In preselection can be played a chance to broadcast in screening room and a prize at the festival! "Hopes", these independent films with remarkable qualities.


In order to everything goes as planned and you can watch the projections in the best conditions, take a look at our practical guide!


Independent Cinema « Honorary members »
With its convivial spirit but still open to others, SMR13 International Independent Film Festival is different: its network is always developing, its members are really passionate and partners are trusty. It is a unique showcase for Independent Cinema in France. It appeals professionals from the cinema environment worldwide.

Since two years, the festival has been supported by a special “Honorary member”, symbol of Independent cinema. In 2018, John Carpenter (Halloween, New York 97, Christine…) - American film director, scriptwriter and composer - was our “honorary member”. We were very pleased to offer him an award for his all very significant career - especially for the independent cinema in the ‘80s.
John Carpenter avec Trophée SMR13
In this picture, John carpenter is holding his SMR13 Festival award. 

In 2019, Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now…) will receive an award for his incredible career as a film director but also as a scriptwriter.

He is our honorary member for the SMR13 4th International Independent film festival event.  

  • SMR 2018 - John Carpenter

    SMR 2018 - John Carpenter

  • SMR 2019 - Francis Ford Coppola

    SMR 2019 - Francis Ford Coppola

A Distribution Opportunity
The French Association for Independent Cinema (AFCI) organizes the SMR13 International Independent Film Festival, in partnership with international distributor partners, we offer a worldwide and exclusive distribution opportunity for short and feature films to all official short and feature film’s festival selection.

► Worldwide broadcasting distribution on all digital platforms (iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Sony Playstation and more.)

► Film broadcasting distribution on all major world airlines

► Global films exposure in all Partners' Network Festivals.

► DVD : Physical distribution.

The offer is reserved for the official SMR13 Festival selections since 2016 and it is subject to international broadcasting distribution technical requirements.

For more information, please contact the Commercial & International Business Attachés : &
New in 2019 : The so called « Espoirs » (New Talents)
For the 2019 festival, two films will be shown Thursday 21 November, during the festival Master classes day. We are talking about two short or long films, not selected but indubitably showing remarkable qualities.

Those two films will be chosen by the selection committee and will receive the AFCI (French Association for Independent Cinema) award.

The aim is to award film directors and teams’ tenacity: with their own means, their imagination, lots of efforts and work, they managed to write, to produce, to make and to put into music a film with remarkable qualities.
2019 Jury
The jury of the 2019 edition will be announced soon...
Jury members invited from previous years:
For its 4th event, the SMR13 International Independent Film Festival will dedicate a full day to Master classes - Thursday 21 November - before the official opening. We are talking about teaching sessions animated by cinema professionals who will share their knowledge and experience about film-making.

During the day the two “Espoirs “ laureate films will be shown. The access is free, (subject to availability).
All details about Master classes program and contents will be announced shortly as soon as the booking service will be open. Hereunder the main themes presented:

Acting : Stage work, from theater to cinema, coached by Vincent André et Florent Hugon - comedians.

Film Music : Creating a music on images, coached by Valentin Simonelli - composer.

Technique During the Shooting : All about the technical part of the film shooting, from shooting equipment to FX chroma keying FX, coached by film directors.

La Manare exhibitions
This year, There will be stands in the festival theater entrance hall presenting local and independent cinema projects. Outside the Theater: television and cinema cars! Discover their legendary history.

More info as soon as the booking assistance will be open.
Le 17 novembre 2018 était exposée la Ford Gran Torino de la série TV "Starsky et Hutch"