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Welcome to the SMR13 International Independent Film Festival

For the 4th time, The SMR13 International Independent Film Festival is back in a theater space of 1 000 m2 dedicated to shows , capacity 250 spectators . The festival will promote and award Independent Cinema with small budget counterbalanced by great creativity and imagination.

Regardless the theme, the length (short or long film), all films can be selected and awarded.

This year, the official selection will leave some extra space to those which haven’t been selected but have remarkable qualities, the so called “Espoirs” (New Talents). Among them, two films will be shown during the festival and they will receive the Special AFCI (French Association for Independent Cinema) award.

The jury is composed by 12 members: some are from the cinema universe, others are independent, actors, film makers, composers or technicians… Each year the jury is different, members are mostly composed by French people but also by people from all over the world as well. Usually, one or more members were part of the previous Festival selection.

You come to the Festival? In order to everything goes as planned and you can watch the projections in the best conditions, take a look at our practical guide!