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Q. My country suffers from an embargo, it’s impossible to transfer currencies to France, what can I do?
► Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We cannot set an alternative mean of payment. We cannot apply a payment for some films and not for others.

Q. My film has been selected, can I be paid back?
► No, once received, the registration fees can’t be paid back, even in case of withdrawal or no-selection.

Q. I don’t have the copyright for one element of my film (image, music…), In that case, can I submit it ?
► No. The participant must be the owner of all rights related to his film.

Q. The submitting deadline date is over, can I still send my film?
► No, we don’t take into account a film registration after the submitting date is over.


Q. Where can I book tickets?
► Directly on our website, Booking space, or contacting us by email to the following email address: booking@smr13filmfestival.com.

Q. I can’t come, will I be paid back?
► No. No possible payment back or exchange as Pass voucher is nominative.

Q. Can I buy tickets during the festival?
► Yes. Individual tickets and Pass vouchers are sold directly at La Manare Theater tickets space/counter.

Q. Reduced tickets?
► 50% discount for students.

Q. My film is going to be shown, shall I book tickets?
► When your film is part of the selection, two Pass vouchers are provided for you. If other team members would like to come, you need to buy extra Pass vouchers.

Q. I didn’t get my Pass voucher after purchase
► The Pass vouchers must be withdrawn on site when you arrive. You just need to give your name or to show the invoice receipt.


Q. Can I come in and out of the festival?
► Yes, it is possible to get in and out without limitation. However, you must show the usher your Pass voucher each time before you get into the projection room. We insist on the fact that you must avoid to get in and out during the film screening. Ask the usher for further information.

Q. Is there an age limit?
► No, most films are suitable for all audiences. Do not hesitate to ask info about the program before entering the projection room.

Q. Is there a specific entrance for reduced mobility people?
► Yes, the festival team will welcome you and will help you to reach the projection room easily.

Q. Are animals allowed?
► Animals are not allowed inside the projection room or entrance hall.

Q. Can I be a volunteer during the festival?
► Absolutely. Send your application directly via the contact form, or to the following email address: contact@smr13filmfestival.com.

Q. Catering services, food trucks?
► A refreshment area (bar) is set in the Main entrance and food trucks will be present all around La Manare area. If you’ rather have a full meal, Martigues is 5 to 10 minutes drive.

Q. When can we park the car?
► A large car park is available in front of La Manare theater.

Q. I love French TV film, is it a problem?
► Nobody’s perfect.