Monthly and Annual Submission Explanation

New Festival Registration System

You will have noticed it! Since January 1st, 2023, registrations for the SMR13 festival take place monthly: it's the monthly online competition!

Each month, the films registered for the current month are viewed and rated by a committee. A selection is then made from which the best films of the month will be rewarded: this is the Laurier d'Or.

And that's just the beginning of the adventure for those selected! Indeed, the official selection for the SMR13 festival's annual physical event will be drawn from all the films selected over the course of the year. In October, the festival's selection committee will choose between all these films, narrowing it down to around forty works.

These shortlisted films will be screened at the SMR13 festival in November. They will be in the running to win a Moulin d'Or, SMR13's prestigious award. Then it's up to the jury and the public to decide, all categories included.

Monthly and Annual Submission Explanation

Why this new registration system?

Each year, it is impossible for us to show as many films as we receive, no matter how excellent they are. The committee has to make choices that are always very difficult. The monthly subscription allows us to reward a part of these films which deserve to be put forward.

In addition, independent productions, generally outside the audiovisual circuit, encounter greater difficulties in obtaining an exploitation visa, and above all in distributing their film. Meetings with distributors, other producers, but also directly with cinemas are essential to the diffusion of these films. To help the best of them, the monthly awards bring immediate recognition: the dates of the physical festival do not always correspond to the calendar of the productions which need support during their marketing campaign at any time of the year. For them, these awards support their arguments with producers and distributors.

Finally, the monthly registration makes it possible to smooth the registration of films at the festival throughout the year, to facilitate the viewing of these films by the committee, and to obtain new perspectives of financing for the festival itself, in order to make it more sustainable over time.

The Laurier d'Or and the Moulin d'Or are both digitally authenticated and IMDb certified.